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You’re probably thinking…threading a needle? As obvious as it sounds, I learned this threading technique while I’ve been bookbinding.

So what’s so special about it?  It will stop your thread from potentially unthreading from your needle and then having to re-thread it.


To thread your needle and make it secure just follow these steps:

1.  Put your thread through the needle as usual but leave a longish tail.

2. Use your needle to flatten part of the thread of the tail.

3.  Push the needle through the middle of that flattened area of the needle, and pull it through.

4.  Make sure the thread comes past the length of the thread that is going through the eye of the needle.

5.  Pull the longest part of the thread (ie. not the tail of the thread) so that it pulls up to the needle.  Then using your forefinger and thumb flatten the tail and length of the thread down so that it’s the same thickness as the needle, and will pass through the paper easier.

That’s it!  With this method, your thread will stay on the needle while stitching.  Hope this is a big help as much as it was for me when I first found out about this.

I’ve also put a YouTube short together…

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you again!

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